Here’s what others are saying:

Matthew Witteman was personally involved in my case. Prior to taking on my case, Matthew took the time out to meet with me at the opposing party’s location. Matthew displayed integrity at all times, even in the presence of the opposing party. He always made me feel part of the process. I was satisfied with my representation. Matthew explained the law and the range of possible results. He did his homework and was straight forward and honest about his expectations. Matthew was courageous in single handedly representing my case against a legal team for the opposing party. Matthew cut to the chase with all the legal jargon the opposing party attempted to use as a distraction. Matthew is an attorney that can be trusted, is hard working and shows a great deal of tenacity. The results of the case exceeded both our expectations. It was a blessing to have him for legal counsel.


I have practiced as a defense lawyer for over 25 years with some of the largest law firms in the country.  During that time, I have seen many plaintiffs’ attorneys, but I only have one plaintiffs’ counsel in mind when anybody asks me for a referral:  Matt Witteman.  He is my “go-to” plaintiffs’ counsel.   I have referred many clients, including family members, to Matt.  He has always delivered outstanding results.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Matt to anybody who needs a tenacious, aggressive, and ethical attorney.”


I suffered an on the job injury. I was a “valued employee” and assumed that my employer would take care of me. I fought for months to obtain medical treatment, but was denied. I suffered a great deal of pain and stress. I needed help and Matthew Witteman answered my call. After hearing my story, Mr. Witteman was incensed and promised to get medical treatment for me. He went after the Workers Comp. Insurance with courage and tenacity. His understanding of the laws that applied to my case enabled him to deal effectively with Workers Comp. and ultimately force them to provide the medical treatment that I needed. Through all, Mr. Witteman has kept me involved, taking the time to explain the law and insure that I understand step by step what is happening with my case. He calls me often, sometimes only to ask how I am doing. He and his Legal Staff are working hard to insure my continued medical support. Mr. Witteman’s honesty and integrity are beyond reproach. I have and will continue to recommend Mr. Matthew Witteman to anyone in need of an excellent attorney.


Matthew Witteman manifested affirmative thinking in accomplishing any given task through his aggressive and whole hearted support and patience.  During this period he consistently accepted responsibility well outside the area of normal attorney client representation. His diligence, tact, perseverance, and devotion were consistent and accommodating to my needs.   He exhibited remarkable ability, initiative, professional knowledge and drive in resolving my case. He displayed initiative, resourcefulness and had been loyal throughout the whole process unselfishly.  Matthews’s untiring efforts devotion and loyalty has helped me grow professionally as well as personally.


Matt Witteman took on my personal injury case involving a “trip and fall”, with a resulting badly broken ankle. Matt visited the site of the fall, and then enlisted the opinion of an expert early on to get an independent assessment of my claim. The expert identified factors that bolstered my claim, and we were off and running. Matt pursued the case aggressively, but in an extremely professional manner. He handled all aspects of the case, dealing with opposing counsel, handling discovery, filing and responding to motions, and eventually, taking the case through mediation, with a successful outcome for me. Every step of the way, I had complete confidence in Matt’s ability to represent me well, and he did so. I have recommended him to several friends and acquaintances, and expect to do so again.


During his representation of my case, Mathew Witteman has been hard working and tenacious. His integrity and professionalism show his devotion to law and “fighting the good fight,” for his clients. He stays personally involved in my case and always makes me feel that I am part of the process.


Matthew Witteman represented me in a injury-car accident case. During the span of the litigation, I appreciated his sincere interest in my medical recovery as well as his professionalism in working with the insurance companies, attorneys, and doctors. He sought creative solutions with integrity and worked tirelessly to win me a wonderful settlement. Mr. Witteman is brilliant, and that coupled with his personal tenacity and drive make him an excellent attorney. I highly recommend Matthew Witteman.


Mr. Witteman handled a collection matter against me without charging for his services. I believe that the creditor in question had improperly billed me and was improperly seeking collection against me. Mr. Witteman’s efforts have caused the bill collector to cease all collection efforts and/or actions against me. Obviously, Mr. Witteman’s representation was more than satisfactory. It was very valuable and timely.