Protect Your Rights!

Why bother with an attorney?

The law is complex and most people need an attorney simply to understand it. People also need an attorney to protect their rights. Companies or individuals that injure others are likely to be insured and have plenty of money to hire attorneys to defeat legitimate claims. Injured people need equal representation to level the playing field.

Have your rights been violated?

A frank assessment of whether your rights have been violated is essential to determine whether it is worthwhile to pursue your claim. Call for a free consultation.

Who are likely defendants?

This is an important consideration to insure full compensation – particularly in worker’s compensation cases. Potential defendants are sometimes not obvious.

What can be done?

A candid discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of your case, the possible outcomes and the time and cost involved is crucial to decide whether to pursue your case.

What is the value of your case?

Again, the range of value of your case should be discussed to weigh the costs and benefits of pursuing your case.

How much will an attorney cost?

Most cases are contingency fee cases – a fee is collected only when the client recovers.